Future Programming Workshop FAQs

Is this workshop only about programming languages?

We welcome ideas about languages, development environments, analysis tools, methodologies, paradigms, or anything else that could benefit the future of programming.

What are the requirements on the video file?

We require a MP4 file no longer than 15 minutes. You can submit a link to a file sharing service. A convenient site for video uploads is Vimeo, which will take care of transcoding most video formats. You must enable the video for downloading so that we can make a copy at the submission deadline.

I'm too old to learn how to do a screencast.

You pretty much just click the record button and do your demo as usual on your laptop.

What screencast software do you recommend?

We have had good results with both Camtasia and ScreenFlow. The free open source VLC is said to work on Windows/Mac/Linux but we haven't tried it.

What are the requirements for submitting a web document?

We require a tar/zip file of the document and all its resources. External links will be considered as references and citations whose content is not part of the submission to be reviewed. The home page should be index.html. The document should work in Chrome. The content should be no more than would fit in an 8 page document. You can submit a link to a file sharing service. Make sure it is publicly readable so we can download a copy at the deadline.

Can I submit a slide deck?

Submit a screencast of the presentation instead. Ideally the presentation includes a demo of an implemented prototype of your ideas. Lacking that we strongly suggest presenting substantial examples of your idea in practice. Minimize the use of textual bullet points.